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Best E Cigarette Starter Kits

When first getting into e-cigarettes, there are so many options that it’s difficult to know which way to go. The first thing you’re going to want to do is buy one of the many e-cigarette starter kits available on the market. These e-cigarette starter kits come with everything you need to get started: lithium ion batteries, chargers, flavor cartridges and various accessories. But that still doesn’t answer the question…which is the best e-cigarette starter kit? I’m going to try and help you answer this question by putting together my favorite e-cigarette starter kits!


#1 E Cig Starter Kit: Smokeless Image

Price Range for Kits: $20 -$100


e cig starter kit

Smokeless Image is the best brand on the market. They recently released their new battery, the Smokeless Image VOLT, and it changed how the world looked at electronic cigarettes. It produces more vapor, it lasts longer and it comes in every color option under the sun. There is simply no matching it. But this isn’t the only reason the Smokeless Image e-cigarette starter kits are the best. The other reason is that they have so many different options! They have kits that range anywhere from their budget-friendly $30 Basic Starter Kit to their $94.99 Premium Starter Kit. This means that whether you’re working at McDonald’s or as CEO of a corporation, you have access to the Smokeless Image VOLT and all its glory. If you’re interested in getting started with e-cigarettes, than look no further than one of the awesome kits from Smokeless Image. Oh, and did I mention that you can save 10% off your entire purchase by using our coupon code? Yep! Just enter code YOURVOLT34 when you’re checking out from their website and you get huge savings.

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#2 E-Cigarette Starter Kit: V2 Cigs

Price Range for Kits: $20-$100

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When it comes to other e-cigarette starter kits besides Smokeless Image, V2 Cigs is definitely also in the discussion. They may be the top electronic cigarette brand in the world according to Alexa.com, but their e-cig starter kits come in a close second to Smokeless Image. Their electronic cigarettes also produce awesome vapor and seem to last a lifetime on each charge. And they also have some great budget options as well as expensive options! You may want to check out their budget V2 Express Kit ($24.99), their Economy Kit ($49.99) or their high-end Ultimat Kit ($179.95). Another cool thing is that they have these e-cigs that plug right into your computer! If you’re interested in that, check out their V2 Power-Cig starter kit ($27.99). We also have a coupon for 10% off all V2 Cigs products! Just enter code ECIGSTARTERKITS upon checkout.

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#3 E-Cigarette Starter Kit: The Safe Cig

Price Range for Kits: $70-$190

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Next best on the list is THE SAFE CIG! The Safe Cig is an awesome product and a little bit different from the other two. They offer two different types of e-cigarette starter kits: the Original Style and the Micro Style. If you’re going to go with the Safe Cig, I would definitely recommend going with their Micro E-Cigarette Starter Kit. The basic kit will only run you $49.95 and it’s really awesome. It’s the smallest e-cigarette on the market and its perfect for anyone looking to get into e-cigarettes with something unique and original.

Visit Safe Cig Website or read our Safe Cig Review


#4 E-Cigarette Starter Kit: Bull Smoke

Price for All Kits: $90

e-cig starter kits

The fourth and last of the e-cigarette starter kits on our list comes from an up-and-coming brand known as Bull Smoke. Their City Slicker kit is cool because it comes with a sample of each of their flavor cartridges. Besides that, this starter kit can keep up with any of the big boys in terms of vapor production and battery life. They have a cool branding technique and I love the bull logo on all of their batteries. Oh, and we also have a coupon for this one! Just enter code EKITS when you’re checking out and you can save $10 off your entire purchase of a starter kit!

Visit Bull Smoke Website or read our Bull Smoke Review


Wrapping Up our E-Cigarette Starter Kits Roundup


As you can see, there are a ton of great e-cigarette starter kit options out there. If you buy any of these starter kits. you’ll be happy with what you chose! I guarantee it! Don’t forget to use our coupon codes so you can save a ton of money too! Have fun and happy e-smoking!electronic cigarette starter kits


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