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Silver Bullet E Cig Review


Silver Bullet ECig Review

Price: $84.99

The HARDEST HITTING e-cigarette on the market.


silver bullet e cig

Alright so now I’m going to talk about a type of product that I don’t typically talk about on this site. The personal vaporizer. Yep, that’s right, no miniature KR808D models for this review, we’re talking about the Silver Bullet ECig! I personally enjoy using personal vaporizers from time to time. I love the portability of brands like Smokeless Image and V2 Cigs, but sometimes I just want the raw power of something like the Silver Bullet E Cig.

And when we talk about raw power, we really can’t forget to mention the Silver Bullet ECig. This electronic cigarette has its own entire section on E-Cigarette-Forum for goodness sake! It’s powerful, it’s durable and it’s exactly what most vapers look for in a PV. I have tried some higher-end models like the Joye eGo-C Twist, but I’d never gotten an actual huge personal vaporizer like this before.

I purchased my Silver Bullet from Altsmoke, the premiere supplier of the product. It ran me $84.99 for the actual Silver Bullet e cig itself. I also bought some extra batteries ($8.49) and a battery charger ($17.99). So in total it was around one hundred bucks. Compared to the brands I typically talk about, that’s a lot of money. But when you consider that the Silver Bullet ecig is more durable, more powerful, longer lasting and just generally sturdier, you start to understand why you’re paying a Ben Franklin for it.

Anyway, here’s my:

Review of the Silver Bullet ECig



Vapor Production: 10/10

If I could have given something higher than a 10 I would have. This baby is pumping out 5 volts of pure vapor goodness with every puff. It’s vaporized gold the way it feels on the back of the throat, I was seriously impressed by this thing!


Battery Life 10/10

Once again, if I could give anything more than a 10, I would have. The Silver Bullet E Cig is simply full of life. I could charge the batteries once and it would work for the better part of a week. It’s nothing like the miniature electronic cigarettes that we usually talk about. Nothing like it at all. In fact, I think I’m going to be making the switch to the Silver Bullet from here on out! Sure, I’ll use my minis when I’m on the go or doing something around the house. But when I’m parked in front of my computer, it’s Silver Bullet all the way.


Accessories 6/10

There isn’t really any need for frills when we talk about the Silver Bullet. I don’t need no personal charging case because this thing lasts so long on it’s own! And I don’t need a stupid lanyard to keep track of it because it’s so big. I gave it a 6/10 but the score doesn’t really matter because this thing is so great it doesn’t need accessories.


Flavors 10/10

No use worrying about flavors either. You can fill this thing with any flavor e-liquid under the sun. It’s a beautiful thing.



I hope you enjoyed this Silver Bullet e cig review, I think that if you decide to purchase it you will be very happy with yourself! Here is a coupon code that can save you 10% off your first order from AltSmoke!


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